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Playing Mobile Casinos: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays, most people would find it hard to imagine life without their trusted mobile gadgets; smartphones and tablets have become paramount in our lives, and are forever being updated so we can get everything done whilst on the go.

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It’s no surprise then that the fast-paced world of online gambling has followed suit, and many online casinos now offer a mobile version of their site, through mobile internet and specific apps available for players to enjoy.

Advantages of Playing Casinos on Mobile

The main advantage to this style of gaming needs little explanation; very few people have time to sit down on a PC and gamble anymore, at least not as often as they might like. For those with busy lifestyles, mobile gaming is perfect – you can take it on commutes, carry it around whilst doing work around the house – or even hide it under the table during those dreaded family reunions!

Another bonus to using your mobile is that the added sense of security. Whilst using a shared computer poses obvious risks, the app or mobile site you’re using to access the casino automatically logs you out when your mobile device is locked. This should definitely put the minds of those who share computers at ease; particularly those with children.

Mobile gaming has come a long way since its initial introduction into the gambling world. Most casino sites now offer the ability to play in your normal browser, just by accessing the main site on a mobile device. Alternatively you can use the casinos’ apps but wither way the online casinos’ software ensures your gameplay is safe, even if you lose your connection halfway through – yet another feature to put your mind at ease when gaming away from your PC.

Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Casinos

One drawback of using this platform to game on is the high usage of data. If you aren’t using a Wi-Fi connection, the app or games can use up a lot of data pretty quickly due to the increasingly high quality graphics in many online casino games. This does also mean quality will be compromised if you don’t have the best connection when playing.

This isn’t such good news for those commuting, especially through areas with little signal such as the underground in London. However, with the prevalence of Wi-Fi and the fact that many people play mobile casinos either in their own home or whilst with friends, this is less and less of an issue, whilst many players also have unlimited, or certainly very high, data allowances.

Another potential setback is the fact that mobile casinos and apps don’t always offer the “full” desktop versions of the site. This does mean players on mobile compromise the selection of games available to choose from, and indeed risk being unable to play their favourites when changing platforms. Whilst all the mobile casinos we work with offer a good range of games on mobile, including classics like blackjack, roulette and major slots, if you want hundreds of games to choose from then mobile gambling may not be for you.

In addition, on some mobile sites you may be unable to access certain promotions– definitely something to consider when choosing to migrate to mobile gaming. However to counter this, many sites are now offering exclusive promotions to their mobile players, so it’s swings and roundabouts to some extent.

Mobile Casinos: Conclusion

Mobile casinos are definitely up-and-coming, and what with technology developing more and more each day, we’re sure that this trend can only grow bigger. With more games being made available to mobile, including not only slots but now even Live Dealer games, we’d advise getting ahead of the game and trying out your favourite casino on your phone or tablet today – especially given there could be a mobile-only casino bonus in it for you.