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Casino Money Back Offers

Mobile and online casinos offer loads of welcome bonuses to new customers but they also offer a good selection of promotions for existing customers too and one of the most commonly offered promos is the money back offer.

  • What are Casino Money Back Offers?
  • How Casino Money Back Offers Work?
  • Casino Money Back Offers Types
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Gambling enthusiasts are undoubtedly spoiled for choice recently, considering the fact that interactive casinos are constantly emerging, thus giving them the chance to pick from a host of options. This definitely works to players’ advantage as casino operators go all out in order to outdo their rivals. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by presenting gamblers with broad gaming collections which is a must for every decent casino.

Bonuses and promotional offers are yet another way to attract gamblers’ attention. As it turns out, promotional offers have turned into a mandatory element for almost every interactive casino which is an opportunity most of the players want to make use of as they can make their betting session truly rewarding. In essence, the casino money back offers remain one of the most well-liked types of promotional incentives that can be found at a large number of the web-based casinos.


bonus cashback offersMany casinos run promotions whereby you can earn money back and these offers can take various forms. Perhaps, the most common type of promotional offers that will get some of the money you have lost while playing a certain game back are the so-called cash back bonuses. This particular type of promotional incentives gives the player a great value due to the fact that when you lose, you will not lose as much as you normally would. Given that the house edge of many casino games is exceptionally low and these money back deals offer a cash back of at least 5%, it is easy to see that they can be well worth making use of.

Your cash back bonus will be determined by a particular percent of the net amount of the losses you have managed to accumulate either over a certain period of time or on a certain qualifying game. The percentage on the basis of which your bonus is estimated varies across the different casinos, but in most cases, it is set anywhere between 5% and 25%. It should also be noted that the manner in which you will get your bonus also differs from one interactive casino to another due to the fact that it can be credited to the balance of your account either as cash or as bonus money.

These offers may apply only to certain games and/or only to certain dates and/or only to games played on mobile (or not on mobile), which is why you should make sure that you have checked the terms and conditions the bonus comes with.

Some casino sites have money back offers regularly whilst others may run them from time to time as one-offs, but you should know that this is all casino-specific.

How Money Back Offers Work

cashback offersAs it was previously stated, cash back bonuses differ from one interactive casino to another, but in most cases, you will get a certain amount of real money or bonus money as a compensation for the losses that have incurred during your betting session. Some casino operators offer such bonuses on specific games, thus giving gamblers the chance to play this game with a reduced risk. Let us take a look at a few examples in order to make sure that you will get a clearer picture of the way such promotional offers work.

Let’s presume that you have opened an account at an interactive casino that offers 25% cash back bonus on one of the blackjack games in an attempt to entice more gambling enthusiasts to give the game a try. Let’s say, for example, that you have transferred $100 to the balance of your account and you have had a losing streak, thus gambling away the entire amount of the deposit. In this case, if you are bound and determined to opt for the cash back bonus the casino operator offers, you will get 25% of the amount of money you have lost or $25. Still, gambling enthusiasts should bear in mind that if they have enjoyed a fruitful betting session and they have managed to generate some profit, they will not be able to make use of the promotional offer due to the fact that its aim is to recoup losses only.

Likewise, if the casino operator runs a promotional offer that gives you 25% cash back bonus of up to $50, and eventually, your loses add up to $300, you will get only $50 as compensation due to the fact that this is the ceiling on the amount you can be given back.

Money back offers are calculated during a specific period of time and there is also a limit to the amount you can get when claiming the bonus.

Wagering Requirements for the Cash Back Bonus

wagering requirementsAs you probably know, when you claim a bonus, you will have to meet the specific turnover requirements prior to cashing out your winnings.

One of the money back offers’ biggest assets is that gambling enthusiasts are not required to meet any wagering requirements when opting for this promotional offer which makes the bonus easily accessible and even more appealing.

Other Cash Back Bonus Conditions

As it was already mentioned, some interactive casinos offer such cash back bonuses that are granted daily, weekly, or monthly. In some cases, you may also stumble upon interactive casinos that offer such promotional offers on specific days of the week.

You should keep in mind that both the maximum amount you can receive as a rebate, as well as the timeframes within which the bonus is calculated, vary greatly from one interactive casino to another which is why you are advised to go through the Terms and Conditions of the bonus in order to make sure that you have acquainted yourself with the fine print.

Just like most of the other available promotional offers, the cash back bonus also comes with a ceiling on the amount you can reclaim.

Top-up Bonus

casino top up bonusThe top-up bonus is a promotional offer that works in the opposite way and rather than getting a rebate on any losses, the winnings you get are enhanced. The mechanics of how it gives you value are the same but in a reversed manner.

Still, you should know that this time, the percentages that are used to estimate the bonus are lower. As with the money back detailed above, the boosted winnings may either be granted as real cash or as bonus funds that do not require wagering.


In summary, these deals really do give bags of extra value to you, the player. Depending on the terms and conditions of the promotion, the odds may actually be in your favor, meaning that in the long term you would expect to reap a bigger profit. The best thing about this promotional offer is that it can extend your betting session as well as to recoup the losses you have accumulated even when you have experienced a losing streak.

That is why switching from your standard mobile casino to another rival where the money back bonus is available is a good idea and this is just one reason why it is advised to have more than one online casino accounts. Not only you will get a welcome bonus, but you will also have more ongoing offers to take advantage of, so it really is win-win.