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Casino Money Back Offers

Mobile and online casinos offer loads of welcome bonuses to new customers but they also offer a good selection of promotions for existing customers too and one of the most commonly offered promos is the money back offer.

  • What are Casino Money Back Offers?
  • How Casino Money Back Offers Work?
  • Casino Money Back Offers Types
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Here we take a look at what a money back casino offer is, how they work, how you can profit and also some slight variations on the theme. You can also find all our latest blog posts detailing current and upcoming money back promotions at the bottom of the page too so whether you’re trying to decide which mobile casino to join or you just want to find a great offer, you’re in the right place.

Money Back Offers

Many casinos run promotions whereby you can earn money back and these offers can take various forms. Perhaps the most common type of promo sees you get money back if you lose playing a certain game and these give the player great value because if you win, you win, but if you lose you don’t lose as much as you normally would.

Given the house edge on many casino games is exceptionally low and these money back deals offer cashback of 10%, 20% or sometimes even higher, it’s easy to see that they can be well worth playing. The best offers reward you with withdrawable cashback whilst others may require the money back amount be wagered a certain number of times prior to being withdrawn.

These offers may apply only to certain games and/or only with certain dates and/or only to games played on mobile (or not on mobile) and so make sure you check the terms. Some casino sites have these offers regularly whilst others may run them from time to time as one-offs so be sure to check back here for the latest offers or have a look at the promotions pages of the various casinos you play at.

Enhanced Winnings

Another similar offer works in the opposite way and rather than getting a rebate on any losses, any winnings are enhanced. The mechanics of how this gives you value are the same but opposite. With standard money back offers you win at 100% but only lose at, say 80%, whilst with boosted winnings promotions you lose at 100% but win at 120%.

As with the money back detailed above, the boosted winnings may either be granted as real cash, or may be bonus funds that require wagering.


In summary, these deals really do give bags of extra value to you, the player. Depending on the terms and conditions of the promotion the odds may actually be in your favour, meaning that in the long term you would expect to win. They are always worth playing in that case, whilst if the money back offer happens to apply to a particular game you would normally play anyway they are worth playing no matter what. As such, switching from your standard mobile casino to another rival whilst the money back bonus is available is a good idea and this is just one reason why we advise having more than one online casino account. Not only will you get a welcome bonus, you’ll also have more ongoing offers to take advantage of so it really is win-win.