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For ages, gambling has been a source of entertainment for various types of people. All over the world, ever since ancient times, people have been intrigued by the idea of relying on their luck and even win some money as a reward for making risky bets. The popularity of the gambling scene has been growing and evolving which naturally led to its introduction into the interactive gaming industry. Online casinos have been increasing in number and they started offering a gambling entertainment which in some cases even surpasses the one brick-and-mortar casinos can offer.

The convenience of having the opportunity to play fun casino games online and win money while you are comfortably sitting in your couch has lead to the launching of various web-based casinos that accept players from all around the world. Nowadays, you do not need to set a foot in a physical casino in order to enjoy an authentic gambling experience.

It is only natural for interactive gambling to take a step further towards providing convenient gaming solutions. This has lead to the creation of mobile casinos. As web-based casinos have conquered the world of technologies, they strive to provide their customers with even better interactive gambling. This is why numerous virtual casino games can be played on multiple portable devices. Thanks to the compatibility of many games with smartphones and tablets, players can enjoy their favourite games even when they are on the go.

What is a Mobile Casino

If you are wondering what exactly is a mobile casino and how it works, there are several things that will help you to understand the idea behind this fairly new method to enjoy virtual betting.

Ever since people have become inseparable with their smartphones, online casino operators and software creators started working on adjusting their products to the modern daily life of interactive players. The idea of always being on the run and still have the opportunity to enjoy your favourite casino games, and even earn some money while doing it, has sparked the launch of mobile casinos.

How Mobile Casinos Work

With the development of new HTML5 technology, the improvement of software platforms, the compatibility of web-based casinos to run smoothly on portable devices and the launching of many casino mobile applications are what made mobile casinos so popular. In just a few years, the craze about being able to access an interactive casino via your smartphone or tablet has spread all over the iGaming industry.

It does not matter whether you are bored during your daily commute, you are waiting at a long queue or you feel like relaxing on your couch and enjoying a game or two while doing it, you can just grab your smartphone or tablet and run any casino game on your portable device. Since software providers are well aware of their surroundings, they work hard to adjust their gaming products so that they can be compatible with every mobile device. Thanks to that, many games are easy to control and players are one tap away from enjoying impressive wins.

How to Play at a Mobile Casino

Since a majority of virtual casinos nowadays are capable of loading through a portable device that utilises the HTML5 technology, the web-based casinos can recognise the smartphone or tablet that you are using to log into your gaming account. This way the specifications of your mobile device will be saved and you will be able to continue your interactive gambling adventure even when you are on the go. Thanks to the advancements in this field of virtual gaming, players can now enjoy a plethora of casino games that fall under all popular categories such as table games, slots and even live-dealer games.

If you choose to access a web-based casino directly through your mobile device, you will have no issue controlling your gaming experience. Since a majority of interactive casinos run just as smoothly on smartphones and tablets, as they do on desktop devices, players will be more than glad to see that there are no drastic changes in the interface of the online casino.

If you do not have an account at the virtual casino of your choice, you can create one via your mobile device. Once your profile is verified, you can play numerous games even when you do not have a desktop anywhere near you.

Let us assume that you have downloaded a casino app on your mobile device. You should not have any issue enjoying your interactive gambling since most mobile casinos follow the same user-friendly pattern for the design of their applications, as the one they utilise for their websites. Even if the application looks a little bit different, most changes are done in order to make the gaming experience easier and smoother.


Differences Between Web Mobile Casinos and Casino Applications

Even though both of the options allow players to enjoy an abundance of casino games, even when they are on the move, there are certain differences between the two forms of mobile casinos. While downloading a mobile application will impose installing of an additional software, playing from the portable device’s web browser will directly load all Flash games which are available at the online casino of your choice.

Whether you are an Android, iOS, Blackberry or even Windows phone user, you will be able to find various mobile casino applications that are compatible with your device. Before doing so, however, you must check whether a certain web-based casino offers an app and if it does, is it compatible with your smartphone or tablet. Some online casino operators may be in the process of developing a mobile application, while other may provide one that can be installed only on certain devices.

Where to Find a Reliable Mobile Casino

There are usually two ways to find the mobile application of a certain interactive casino. The first option is to go to the different brands’ designated app stores. Android users, however, will have a difficult time finding such applications in the Google Play store as it prohibits the spreading of real-money gambling products. This is why players can opt for the second variant which is heading to the official website of the virtual casino. There, they will be able to find the mobile casino app which is usually highlighted and thus, easy to find. After downloading the app, players must follow the installation instructions and log into their gaming account, if they already have one. If they are about to create their online casino account, they can do that via the casino app.

Even if the interactive casino of your choice did not launch a mobile app, you should not feel discouraged as most web-based casinos can actually be accessed via the browser on your smartphone or tablet. This will grant you an instant access to an abundance of Flash games and even spare you the inconvenience of installing an additional software. If the casino games do not run smoothly on your mobile device’s default browser, iOS users may try the Safari browser, while those who use Android phones and tablets can access the virtual casino via Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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How to Choose a Proper Mobile Casino

As mobile casinos are gaining huge popularity, it becomes harder and harder to choose the right option where you will be able to enjoy your favourite games. When you are deciding on the mobile casino where you could create an account and try win money while enjoying fun casino games, you should take several things into account.

When it comes to real-money virtual gambling, the main goal of players is to make every game as fruitful as possible. This is why one of the criteria for reliable mobile casinos is to offer generous bonuses and other promotions to players who have chosen to enjoy their favourite games via their smartphone or tablet. This way even virtual casino patrons who play at the mobile casino will have the opportunity to boost their gaming balance and improve their chances of sweeping major wins.

In order to enjoy the ultimate interactive gambling experience, you should seek mobile casinos which run on the software platform of a few of the best companies in the iGaming industry. Providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are leaders in creating amazing gaming products and software solutions. This is why mobile casinos powered by such companies are a good choice if you want to enjoy fun games, with amazing graphics, immersive sound effects and innovative themes.

Games Selection

Of course, the diversity of games is also yet another important aspect of what makes a good mobile casino. Even though when the first mobile alternatives of online gambling were launched there were not that many gaming options, nowadays there are plenty of games which are compatible with every portable device. This is why choosing a mobile casino that provides a wide plethora of different games is always a great decision.

Even though great bonuses and promotions are a key element for a good mobile casino, what is even more important is for players to have different payment solutions which will allow them to upload funds and withdraw their winnings in a fast, safe and hassle-free manner. The number of web-based casinos that accept different mobile services as a payment method is constantly increasing. This means that players might have the chance to play and even manage their gaming funds via a single mobile device.

Even if you have not made a decision about a mobile casino, do not be so hasty with your actions. Before downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, make sure that your portable device supports it. Some mobile casinos can only be accessed via the browser on a mobile device. Before starting your mobile gambling adventures, you should check the gambling regulations in your country of residence as you may not be granted access to some virtual casinos.

When it comes to the interactive casino where you want to enjoy your favourite games, you should also do a background check on the operator that runs the casino. Make sure that the company that provides the gaming solutions is trustworthy and with a clean record. Pay attention to the licenses it holds. Some of the strictest authorities that issue gaming licenses are the Malta Gaming Authority, The UK Gambling Commission and The Gibraltar Gambling Commission. If the virtual casino of your choice is permitted to operate by one of these authorities, you can be sure that you can trust it.

It’s All About a Great Experience!

It is great if your mobile gambling experience is smooth and everything works perfectly. However, it is always possible that you might have some questions or issues bothering you while you are playing at the mobile casino. This is why it is good to check the customer support of the virtual casino operator. Having someone at your service 24/7 is always a good sign for a responsible and trustworthy interactive casino.

Last but not least, the security level of the virtual casino operator is very important. Do not be hasty with your choices and make sure that the mobile casino you have picked offers the best security technology which will ensure the protection of your funds as well as personal information. Majority of the trustworthy companies utilise SSL encryption for any type of data transactions.

Mobile Casino Games

As it was mentioned earlier, one of the most important qualities that a mobile casino should acquire is offering a wide range of games that can entertain every type of online gambler. The first gaming options which were available for players on the go were not that many, nor were they very impressive. Nowadays, however, there are plenty of games that can offer a complete selection of online casino entertainment. If you are a fan of slots or you prefer the classic table games, you should be able to find these and many more categories, available at some of the best mobile casinos.


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Ask any gambling fan which is one of the most popular casino games and you are guaranteed to hear them say ‘slot machines’. This is why their virtual versions can be seen in every respectable virtual casino. As a result of their popularity, it is no surprise that mobile casinos also provide a plethora of fun and rewarding slot games.

Thanks to the amazing work of some of the best software providers in the iGaming industry, the slots that are available for portable devices can give any player a thrilling and fruitful experience. With multiple reels and paylines, as well as special symbols like Scatters and Wilds, mobile slots can reward players with impressive payouts. Full Slots Guide


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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and many players enjoy trying to guess the outcome of every roulette spin. If you were excited the first time you had the chance to play the game and all of its variations online, then you will definitely be enticed with the options that mobile casinos have prepared for its members.

Amazing graphics, immersive sound effects and plenty of advanced betting options await players who have decided to play via their smartphones or tablets. Full Roulette Guide


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If you are a fan of the classic game of 21, then you will be more than happy to learn that you will be able to play it even when you are nowhere near a land-based casino. Grab your smartphone or tablet and open your mobile casino. Chances are, you will find several blackjack variants which will provide different sorts of entertainment.

Choosing tables with different betting options and suitable betting limits is possible in many of the best mobile casinos. Even though you will be sitting at a virtual table, you can be sure that the experience will be as authentic as the one in top brick-and-mortar casinos. Full Blackjack Guide


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Players who are entertained by one of the casino classics have the opportunity to find plenty of baccarat options online. As one of the basic sources of casino entertainment, it is no surprise that mobile casinos have decided to include the game in their gaming selections.

Although baccarat was once played only by high-rollers, nowadays every gambling enthusiast can join various tables with both low and high wagering limits. Having several baccarat options in their smartphone is definitely a convenient feature for the fans of the game. Full Baccarat Guide


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Another table game classic is craps. If you enjoy the risk of this game and the intriguing betting options that cover the entire craps table, then you can now play the game even when you are on the go.

Letting the dices to mark their way and bring you generous wins is no available on almost every portable device. Finding a good mobile version of craps is definitely easy, as the majority of mobile casinos offer high-quality variants of the game.

Live Casino Games

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The newest way to entertain virtual players is to provide them with the realistic experience of playing at live casinos. Those provide live streams of games that are being played at purpose-built studios or sometimes land-based casinos. As an extension to the plethora of games that are available at mobile casinos, players can now enjoy live-dealer games as well.

This allows those who are constantly on the move to enjoy a gambling adventure as close to the land-based one as possible. Even though the range of live-dealer games may vary according to the mobile casino of your choice, most mobile gamblers can find at least one version of each classic table game. Full Live Dealer Guide

Specialty Games

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In order to make each player’s interactive gambling complete, mobile casinos have also added specialty games to the gaming options that they provide. Games like Keno, bingo and scratch cards can be found in many mobile casinos.

This only adds up to the casino fun that players can have while they are out and about. As long as they have their smartphone or tablet with them, mobile casino patrons can enjoy plenty of awarding games anywhere they go.

Payment Solutions for Mobile Casinos

As it was mentioned earlier a proper mobile casino offers its members various payment options which can make the management of their gaming funds easier and more convenient. As both web-based and mobile casinos started gaining popularity, newer payment services have appeared on the iGaming scene. Among some of the newest and more convenient banking methods, there are a handful of mobile services. This is extremely convenient for many virtual players, most especially for those who play on their smartphones or other portable devices.

Those mobile casinos that grant their patrons access to their banking page, can provide several safe and fast payment methods which can help them boost their gaming balance or withdraw their winnings in a hassle-free way. Among the most common payment methods that mobile casinos accept, you will find MasterCard and VISA which are extremely popular among the majority of interactive gamblers. Thanks to the security that credit and debit cards provide, as well as the fast speed of their transactions, most mobile casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via MasterCard and VISA.

With the improvement of technologies, e-wallets have become a standard way of paying for online purchases, as well as receiving money. This is why they have also become extremely popular as a payment solution for virtual gamblers. A number of interactive and mobile casinos allows their members to make deposits and sometimes even cash out their winnings via the services of companies such as Neteller or Skrill.

There is also the special category of pay by phone, which allows players to make casino deposits that are directly billed to their phone accounts. This way mobile devices can be used not only for enjoying the games of the casinos wherever you go but you can also upload funds to your gaming account with a single tap on your smartphone.

Whatever your preferred payment method is, some of the best mobile casinos can ensure you that your funds will always be transferred in a fast and safe manner.

Recommended Payment Methods
CasinoDeposit Visa Maestro MasterCard Bank Neteller Skrill PayPal
Yako Casino
Royal Panda
Golden Tiger

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Casinos

If you are still unsure about whether you should trust the newest mobile casino technologies, you can take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing at a mobile casino and choose whether it is worth it.

The first and most obvious advantage of playing at a mobile casino is the convenience that it provides to players. If you are convinced that there is no time to sit at home and log into your gaming account, you can have an instant access to various casino games even when you are on the move. Thanks to the plenty of web-based casinos that run smoothly on every portable device, players can enjoy their favourite games and earn real money while they play on their smartphone or tablet.

In order to encourage their members to dive into the mobile gambling world, many virtual casinos offer bonuses and promotions which are exclusively available only for mobile players. This way those who use their smartphone or tablet to access their favourite casino games, can actually boost their gaming balance significantly and improve their chances of enjoying better winnings.

Some of the leading software companies in the industry have made sure that players will be able to enjoy a premium quality of interactive gambling, even when they play on their portable devices. This why the games that run on your smartphone or tablet have the same crisp graphics and enticing sound effects that you can enjoy while playing on a desktop device.

Playing on a portable device is in no way more difficult than accessing the web-based casino via your personal computer. Whether you will load the website of the virtual casino on your mobile browser or you opt for installing a casino app, you will have an effortless gambling experience which will be easy to control with just a few taps on your phone or tablet screen.

Playing at a mobile casino might be troublesome at times. Although the fact that many online casinos offer a wide range of games available for mobile devices, the number of gaming options is still lacking compared to the one you will be able to enjoy while playing on your personal computer.

When it comes to compatibility there might be several lacking points related to mobile casinos. Some virtual casino operators do not offer a mobile application or, if they do, it is only compatible with certain devices. In most cases, only iOS users can find casino apps in the App Store, while Android users might only have the chance to load the interactive casino on their phone or tablet’s browsers.

Although having a constant access to your favourite casino games is great, this may actually cost you quite a lot of data and if you are not using a wireless internet, your gambling adventures may not only cost you the money you have lost on bets but your data credits, as well.

As you can see, mobile casinos have their positive sides as well as a few negative ones. When you are making the decision whether to join a mobile casino and have a constant access to virtual casino games, you can consider the pros and cons of playing via your smartphone or tablet. When it comes to your personal interactive gambling experience, there is no one else who will know what is the best for you, other than yourself.