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How to Choose What Type of Roulette to Play

Roulette is a great game to play online or, thanks to its relative simplicity, on your favourite mobile casino. Some casino sites may only have one type of roulette for you to play but the best will offer a choice and here we help you decide which is the best type of roulette to play.

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Avoid American Roulette

The first and most simple thing to do when choosing a type of roulette is to avoid the double zero American roulette. Even if you love Mickey Mouse, can’t get enough of Michelle Obama and think that a Big Mac is the height of world cuisine, when it comes to roulette, American roulette ranks behind Rotherham Roulette, Romanian Roulette and Really Rubbish roulette.

The reason for this is simple: that second damn double zero. The green numbers in roulette, zero and double zero in American roulette, are what give the casino their advantage over the player. There are 36 numbers, winning bets pay £36 to a £1 stake – so far, so fair. Throw in a single zero and that £36 return equates to a house edge of 2.70%, but play the American game with its double zero and that advantage to the casino almost doubles, going up to 5.26%.

Avoid Short Pays

You’d struggle to find an online casino that short pays these days but it has been known and this, naturally enough, massively reduces the players chances of winning and hugely increases the house edge. By short paying, we mean a casino, mobile, online or land-based, that pays out at lower odds than it should, for example at odds of 34/1 for a single number instead of 35/1, or at 16/1 instead of 17/1 for a double number.

Play French Roulette if You Play Even Money

In French roulette, or indeed on most games labelled as European roulette, you get a nice little kicker if you generally play the even money inside bets. Should the ball land in the normally dreaded zero, depending on the precise rules, you will either lose only half your stake, or else you will have the chance to win half your stake back. La Partage, the former, and En Prison, the latter, both improve the overall house edge if you are backing the red/black, odd/even or high/low bets and so you should always opt for such a table if these are your favoured roulette betting options.

Avoid Progressives and Other Novelty Games

Many of the best online casino sites offer modern roulette variants that either include some form of progressive jackpot or else have some other bonus-style feature or round. Our advice to avoid these games comes with a huge IF attached, and that “if” is that you should avoid these games IF you are looking to play roulette for as long as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning – or losing as little as you can – or to complete the wagering on a casino bonus.

Many people love progressive jackpot slots for their life-changing possibilities and many people play progressive, jackpot or bonus roulette for the same reason – to change their life for ever from just a single spin. Other people love novelty games for their bonus payouts, extra features or multi-wheel options for the speed of the game.

However, those extras invariably come with a price and that price is the house edge being significantly larger. If you know that and are happy to pay a little extra in the long term for the chance of short term fun – or a huge progressive win – that’s fine but the important thing is to be aware that you are paying for that privilege.