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Slots v Table Games

Given the extensive audience attracted to online and mobile casinos, it’s very common for players to be ‘all-round’ gamers; that is to say, they have no preferred style, method or selection of games, and are simply in it for the thrills the casino has to offer across a range of games, not to mention the amazing welcome bonuses on available.

  • Pros of Online Slots
  • Pros of Table Games
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However, especially amongst the more experienced players, there are those who have a very strict routine, and stick to their preferred games without branching out.

The most common divide in preferred games lies between those who prefer slots, and those who prefer the more conventional online casino table games. But what is it that differentiates the two?

Pros of Online Slots

Fun Factor

Online slots have progressed so far since their ancestors the ‘one-arm bandits’ on which they were based. Whereas in Table Games, the rules are generally absolute, the geniuses behind various casino giants have moved on to produce multiple reeled slots with enough additional features and varying gameplay types to blow your mind. Nowadays, there are scatter symbols, tons of reels and pay-lines and more bonus rounds than you can shake a stick at available!


Unlike many Table Games where an RTP (Return To Player) rate cannot be calculated due to the nature of the game, online slots must be tried and tested before they are released to excited players. That way, players can gain a rough idea of how likely they are to get their money’s worth just by checking out the RTP rate.

Progressive Jackpots

Another great type of slot on offer is the elusive ‘progressive jackpot’. The clue is in the name, in that every player who has a go contributes to the jackpot, until one lucky son of a gun can nab the lot with a single chance spin! This definitely adds to the fun factor and the possibility of winning big on slots.

Pros of Table Games


Whilst with gambling it is always going to be down to luck, knowing and having some experience in the game can always help when playing Table Games. Players may not know whether the next number will be their lucky one in Blackjack, nor can they possibly predict the next call in a game of Roulette, however a fundamental understanding of the game will definitely help their chances that little bit more.

Big Wins

Granted Blackjack and Roulette are not as easy to earn a win as slots games are, but the risk pays off. Bet on your lucky number when the roulette wheel spins and you could be looking at not just thousands, but MILLIONS for your stake. So bet high, and watch the winnings roll in!

Option to Play Live

For some, there is still a lack of trust around online casinos and the potential of them being a ‘scam’. For these sceptical players, the offer of ‘Live Casinos’ is there to provide a video link to their favourite games, so they personally can watch the cards being turned or the wheel being spun in real life for an increased sense of security.