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Mobile Slots – What Phone Do I Need?

Back in the day the only way of playing and winning any money on a slot machine was to get yourself off to the casino. Times have changed and now you can enjoy the buzz and excitement of playing the bandits on your mobile or tablet from anywhere!

Have A Favourite
Mobile Casino?

The variety and choice of games available on a mobile device is now massive with some games having huge jackpots up for grabs. One lucky player won £3.7 million playing online slots from his phone! Getting in on the action is easy – you just need a mobile phone that’s compatible with the gaming sites. Confused about what that means? Read on…

Apps or Internet?

There are two ways of accessing the slot games from your phone, the first way is just to fire up the internet browser and search for the site you want, and the second is to access games via an application downloaded to your phone (an app). In practice the only real difference for the end user is that apps are more convenient.

Once downloaded you are a just click away from playing the game. The casino that owns the app can also send you targeted special deals and offers direct to your phone via the app. Having said that, its always worth checking out the mobile sites as well to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Operating system

When selecting which phone to buy it’s important to consider what operating system you want your phone to run on. At the moment the mobile phone market is dominated by 3 main operating systems; iOS by Apple, Android owned by Google and Microsofts Windows for phones. All provide excellent functionality for internet browsing and you should have no problem running mobile slot websites from a decent handset running any of these operating systems.

In terms of available applications all 3 systems have a dedicated app store. The Apple and Android stores are well developed and any mobile casino worth their salt is going to develop apps for these 2 platforms. Windows was slow to the apps market, and although it is catching up fast, there is a smaller choice of mobile slots apps to download from the Windows store.

Blackberry, once seen as the market leader for corporate mobile phones has lost ground in the last few years mainly due to its limited functionality for internet browsing and apps. It does have an app store but it holds only a small number of apps. Internet browsing functionality on a Blackberry is not great and not really up to the standard you need to fully enjoy all the features of mobile slot games.

Screen & Graphics

Mobile casinos have really upped their game in the last few years and the quality of graphics and features on games now can be really stunning. If your playing the slots from a tiny screen you’re going to find it frustrating. Most smartphones now have screen sizes of around 4 1/2 to 5 inches (corner to corner). That’s about the size you will need to properly enjoy your gaming experience.

Wifi & Data

Obviously to access a casino on your mobile you will need some method of connecting to the internet. If you have a wifi connection available then you can connect that way, if you are out of reach of a wifi network you can use the 3G or 4G mobile network. 4G is much faster than 3G so the experience will be better.

When negotiating a deal with your mobile provider think about how much you are likely to use 3G or 4G. If this is going to be the main way you connect to the internet rather than wifi make sure you’ve got a good deal on your downloadable data price.