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Casino Loyalty Schemes

Casino Loyalty schemes are a great way to get that little bit of extra out of your online casino play, whether you like playing blackjack, roulette, slots or anything else.

  • What do Casino Reward Schemes Offer?
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Along with the main casino welcome bonuses that the best online and mobile casinos offer, these loyalty reward schemes can reduce the house edge on games and even leave the player with the upper hand!

Casino’s give different names to their various schemes including loyalty schemes, VIP programmes or player rewards but in essence these are all the same thing. They offer you some form of set reward for all your play, whilst some schemes offer extra bonus points for activities including depositing, playing specific games or entering prize draws.

What do Casino Reward Schemes Offer?

Most online casino loyalty schemes award you points for wagering a certain amount on particular games, whilst you may also earn double or extra bonus points for playing at certain times of the week or on nominated games. These points can usually be exchanged for casino bonuses, straight into withdrawable cash, entries into prize draws, free spins or some other benefit, for example an iPad or games console.

The benefits vary from site to site but because you get these in addition to anything you would normally win they are a nice little extra and reward players who stay loyal to one particular casino. You can usually find details of your current status and what rewards might be available under the “My Account” (or similar tab) of your mobile casino.

Different schemes work differently, both in terms of what they offer for your points and also how easily you earn them. Most sites have a sliding scale of rewards, whereby the more points you earn, the higher your status within the programme and the higher your status, the easier it is to earn more points, whilst the offers available to spend your points on are often also more generous.

This is why it can pay to stick to one mobile casino, although the most sensible thing to do is try them all – taking advantage of the main welcome bonuses as you go – before settling on whichever you feel is best to use as your main online casino and start racking up those loyalty points, prizes and bonuses.