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Casino Prize Draws

Online casinos use their promotions as a means to attract new customers, get existing customers playing and to garner publicity and nothing does all three of those things quite as well as a prize draw with an eye-catching prize.

  • How to Enter a Casino Prize Draw?
  • Casino Competition Tips
  • Casino Competitions Types
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The brilliant mobile casinos with which we work have offered up some staggering prizes in the past, with luxury cars, holidays of a lifetime and five-, or even six-figure cash sums all featured regularly. Winning such a prize almost sounds too good to be true, but rest assured that the gambling industry has a long history of providing lucky customers with benefits that some might call excessive. Of course, no amount is too much when we are the ones receiving it and there are plenty of opportunities to claim a large prize or other types of rewards.

These prize draws can work in different ways and here we explain how you can go about giving yourself a chance of winning a life-changing prize, whilst at the bottom of this page you’ll also find all our latest blog posts detailing casino prize draws, so be sure to check back regularly if you like the sound of winning a huge prize just for playing your favourite casino games.

How do I Enter a Casino Prize Draw?

Prize draws and competitions can be run in any number of ways but the most common type of promotion sees players earn tickets for playing in the casino. This way players are not required to go out of their way to make sure that they participate and do not have to do anything out of the ordinary.

There are several different types of giveaways, with each online casino setting its own terms and reward structures. Moreover, there is something for everyone, ranging from the most casual of players to the hardcore high rollers.

Casino Competition Tips

  • Bonus Tickets – Some competitions offer bonus tickets for completing certain actions or playing at certain times. These give you an easy way to increase your chances of winning.
  • Games – Some games or types of games may not qualify for the prize draw tickets, whilst others, as above, may earn double or bonus tickets.
  • Dates – If you start playing as soon as a competition starts you have longer to accrue more draw tickets so check this page for all the latest offers.
  • Opt-In – Many prize draws will enter you automatically but check you don’t have to specifically opt-in.

Tickets may be awarded for playing a set amount, for example £10, or for playing a certain number of spins, hands or rounds. Some promotions may only offer tickets for playing named games whilst others may be based on all casino games. Either way, the best thing is that you earn tickets whether you win or lose, so not only will you have fun playing the games and earning prize draw entries, you could also win big money in the process.

This type of draw often allows you to earn unlimited draw tickets so the more you play, the greater your chances of winning. Similarly, if there are a number of prizes in each draw you are not normally restricted to just one. However, these competitions are great because even if you only have one ticket you’re still in with a chance if Lady Luck is in the right mood.

Other casino competitions may automatically reward the player who plays the most on a certain slot or game. For example, there may be 10 prizes, with the 10 players who play the most blackjack (normally in terms of having wagered the most in total), automatically winning them. Naturally, these types of competition favour the high rollers but they normally have regularly updated leaderboards so you can see what sort of target you have to beat.

Slot Tournaments

slot tournamentsSlot tournaments follow similar rules and are an excellent way for the community to come together and compete in a way that is both rewarding and entertaining. Tournaments are conducted on a regular basis in the online gambling industry with several of them running at any given time.

Depending on the nature of the competition, they may be free of charge or require players to purchase an entry ticket. Typically, free tournaments offer smaller but worthwhile rewards, whereas paid events feature much larger prize pools. In any event, players will be given the opportunity to test their luck on popular and exciting games and the winners will be able to take home a decent chunk of cash. The best part is that both desktop and mobile players will have the option of taking part, which is certainly great for everyone involved.

Of course, the various casino sites we work with run all sorts of competitions and some may be entered simply by opting in, having deposited and played at the casino at all within a given timeframe or perhaps by emailing the casino. If you are not sure how to enter a competition or an event, be sure to contact customer support. The agents will be able to instruct you how to do so and will also provide you with information regarding the event. Do not be afraid to seek help if you need it. After all, you would not want to miss out on any potential rewards.

For serious casino players this type of competition is just an interesting sideline but for people who love competitions and like the thrill of perhaps being able to win big from a small stake – or even free – these competitions are a real bonus and give you even more chances to win.

Casino Loyalty Programme

casino loyaltyOnline casinos that have a Loyalty Programme often reward long-term players with some sort of value for choosing to play at the particular gambling website. The higher in the ranks that a player climbs, the better their rewards will be. These can range from special bonus offers to personal invitations to VIP events. There are online casinos out there that are more than generous to their user base, with some running prize pools on a weekly basis.

To have one’s name entered into the pool, a player will usually have to deposit a certain amount of cash, with each subsequent deposit for the week resulting in an additional entry in the pool. Certain websites have as far as offering real-world rewards to the lucky few, such as electronics, promotional merchandise or even cars and holiday vacations.


There is much to be gained from playing at online casinos than sheer profit and entertainment. The online gambling industry has developed quite well over the last decade and now online casinos are paying back to the community that built it up. Players from all over the globe are able to participate and earn something for their troubles, all while having a good time.

As said, we’ll post the latest, best and biggest casino comps, prize draws and raffles to this page so if you want to win big, come back and see what’s on offer.