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Five Tips for Online Blackjack

Here we bring you a few (well, five to be precise) tips on playing online blackjack to help you avoid common pitfalls and up your chances of winning.

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Online blackjack is a fun game and most players start playing for enjoyment and improving their skills. Of course winning money whilst you play is a huge bonus and there are a few simple tips you can follow that can help you maximise your wins and minimise your losses.

Find the games with the best rules

There are a variety of rules that can be used for online blackjack games and each online casino will offer different ones. It’s worth having a look round for the games that employ rules that minimise the house edge as much as possible. For example games where you can double or split on many cards improve your odds. Whereas a game that plays with a lot of decks or allows side bets will reduce your chances of winning.

Utilise Basic Strategy

Over the years of blackjack being played, many clever statisticians have developed strategies for the best move to make depending on the hand held by the player and the dealers face-up card. Handily these have been summarised into tables, so you can find out the best move to make yourself without having to wade through all the calculations, probabilities and statistics. The basic strategy for a game is dependent on the rules of the blackjack game being played. It’s really worth familiarising yourself with basic strategy as it’ll improve your odds of a win.

Make use of the casino bonuses

Casino bonuses offered on blackjack tend to be less generous that for other games as the house edge is lower. However there are still some really good online blackjack bonuses around and it’s worth having a look for the best casino offers as taking these up will mean you’re maximising what you get for money and can really boost your winnings.

Quit whilst you’re winning

A common sense tip, but one that many forget. That winning streak won’t last forever so quite playing whilst you’re on top. Remember that the casinos know what they are doing and the odds are in their favour, so once you hit a big win, bank it!

Don’t chase your losses

Another common sense tip, but again one worth repeating. Casino history is littered with stories of people who were just a game away from winning all their money back, but instead lost everything. The ease of mobile games might make it seem very tempting to just have that one more try but will probably end in bigger losses. There are a few practical ways to avoid getting into trouble.

Firstly decide an amount to wager before you start the game and then stick to it, secondly try to keep a check on your emotions. If you start to lose control of the way you’re feeling about the game it’s time to step away from the phone. Finally take it easy on the booze when gambling online. The papers are littered with stories of people who lost massive sums of cash in casinos when under the influence and the online world is no different.