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Five Tips for Online Blackjack

Here we bring you a few (well, five to be precise) tips on playing online blackjack to help you avoid common pitfalls and up your chances of winning.

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Blackjack undoubtedly remains one of the most well-liked card games that enjoy an overwhelming popularity among gambling enthusiasts, especially among those who prefer engaging in casino games that are both riveting and challenging. What makes the game of 21 even more alluring is that it gives interactive players the opportunity to improve their chances of sweeping some nice prizes by using a decent strategy, which sets it apart from many of the other casino offerings.

The inception of the online gambling made blackjack even more appealing and easily accessible. Playing your preferred blackjack variation from the comfort of your surroundings comes with numerous advantages, but if you want to make sure that you will also pocket a nice profit, just go through our tips you can follow as they can help you to maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

Learn the Basics

mobile blackjackEven though it is a simple tip, it is really vital. In essence, the rules of the game are quite easy to grasp, so you are highly unlikely to encounter any troubles while you are studying them.

In addition to this, you should also take your time to study all the specific terminology that is associated with the game as this is definitely one of the preconditions of playing the game of 21. Once you have learned all these, you will undoubtedly become more comfortable with the game and you will feel more confident to make your first steps in playing blackjack.

Find the Games with the Best Rules

There are a variety of rules that can be used for online blackjack games and each online casino will offer different ones. It is worth having a look around for the games that employ rules that minimize the house edge as much as possible as this will definitely work to your advantage.

You should also keep in mind that some casino operators tend to utilize more than a single deck so that players could not apply card counting while playing. That is why you are advised to look for blackjack games where a single deck of 52 cards is used.

You should also bear in mind that in the different blackjack games, the dealer may be required to stand on 17, even if this would mean that he/she will lose. Still, the dealer may be allowed to hit on soft 17, which is a hand that contains an ace the value of which is 11. Such games are less advantageous to gamblers which is why you are advised to refrain from playing them.

Prior to joining any table, you should always check the payout for a blackjack, so that you could get the best value for your real-money bets.

Utilize a Basic Strategy

blackjack strategy chartsOver the years of blackjack being played, many clever statisticians have developed strategies for the best move to make depending on the hand, held by the player and the dealers face-up card. Handily, these have been summarized in tables, so you can find out the best move to make without having to wade through all the calculations, probabilities, and statistics.

In essence, blackjack is a game of probabilities which is why it is always a good idea to know what is the best possible move you can make, depending on the cards you have. For example, whether you should split your sevens or whether you should hit or stand on 16. That is why if you want to enjoy a more fruitful betting session, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself at least with the basic blackjack strategy. In fact, the basic strategy for the game is dependent on the rules of the blackjack game being played. Still, you should know that at first, it may seem to you that it is very hard or even impossible to remember all this information, but once you start playing, you will see that it is not an impossible task.

Know the Right Time to Increase Your Bet

One of best things you can do when the odds are in your favor is to increase your bet. As you probably know, high cards or the cards that will bring you ten points are the most advantageous ones to you due to the fact that they will help you to form a blackjack easier.

When you start gaining experience, it would be easier for you to decide what to do with the hand you have as you will get some sense about the cards that are yet to appear. That is how your sense will also tell you when it is the right moment to increase your bet, thus bringing you more profit.

Prior to joining any table, you should always check the payout for a blackjack, so that you could get the best value for your real-money bets.

Quit While You Are Winning

blackjack tabletA common sense tip, but one that many forget. That winning streak will not last forever, which is why you should quit playing whilst you have managed to generate some profit. Remember that the casinos know what they are doing and that the odds are always in their favor, so once you hit a big win, just walk away from the blackjack table. Otherwise, you risk to lose all the winnings you have accrued and even to end up with an exhausted bankroll.

One of the ways to make sure that this will not happen is to set a winning goal. It might sound strange to you but this may be a quite successful tactic as once you reach the amount you have initially set, it would be easier for you to stop wagering, thus making sure that you will not gamble away your winnings.

Do Not Chase Your Losses

Another common sense tip, but again one worth repeating. Presently, interactive players are provided with an extremely easy access to a real wealth of blackjack games which makes it seem even more tempting to make one more try to recoup your losses, hoping that this time it will be successful. In most cases, however, you will end up with an exhausted bankroll or even indebted which is definitely the worst scenario. Still, there are a few practical ways to avoid getting into trouble.

Firstly, set a certain budget before you start playing the game and then, stick to it. Secondly, try to keep a check on your emotions. If you start to lose control of the way you are feeling about the game, it is high time to step away from the phone and to put an end to your betting session.

Finally, take it easy on the booze when gambling online. The papers are littered with stories about people who have lost massive sums of cash in casinos while being under the influence of alcohol and the situation with online casinos is no different. That is why no matter whether you are placing your bets in a brick-and-mortar or in an interactive casino, you should abstain from drinking such beverages.

Casino history is littered with stories about people who were just a game away from winning all their money back, but instead, they lost everything.

Make Use of the Casino Bonuses

casino vip bonusCasino bonuses offered on blackjack tend to be less generous in comparison with the bonuses offered for other games as the house edge is lower.

However, there are still some really good online blackjack bonuses around and it is worth having a look for the best casino offers as taking these up will mean that you are maximizing what you get for your money and can really boost your winnings.


As you can see, we have endeavored to provide you with simple, yet handy tips you can make use of while you are playing your favorite blackjack variation. Even though our tips will not guarantee that you will always win, at least you can be sure that they will help you to make your gambling experience smoother and more enthralling.